Yu Ying TCM is founded by Dr He Yu Ying (“Dr He”) who has more than 10 years of experience as a senior physician. Dr He specializes in the field of gastroenterology, dermatology and pediatrics.

Dr He adopts the dual approach of curing the underlying root cause of the disease and boosting body immunity by using Chinese herbs and traditional TCM methods.

Yu Ying TCM offers many traditional TCM treatment methods such as acupuncture, TCM Orthopedics treatment and pediatric Tuina therapy etc. All the treatment methods and medicine used by Yu Ying TCM are approved by the Singapore Health Science Authority (HSA).

Bears’ Cafe is an eatery which specialises in Taiwanese snacks and drinks in Singapore.

Ardennes is a modern, one-stop health screening and radiology centre located at Paya Lebar Square. A member of Livingstone Health, Ardennes is connected to a strong and trusted specialist network should you need specialised care.

At Ardennes, they value the patient’s journey and focus on enhancing the patient’s experience at every step of the way. This is done through ensuring seamless appointment booking, fast turnaround time, and personalised reviews of test results.

Ardennes Health. Walking with you for life.

JN Nail spa, the perfect place for all your nail needs. They pride themselves in their ability to be innovative and creative when it comes to nail arts and designs providing high end treatments at affordable prices. Beside their specialty in nail care, they also offer a range of beauty treatments from waxing to eyelash extensions!

All their staff are fully trained and able to offer professional advice on all our services and products.

For over 20 years, Sin Kang TCM Clinic has been providing a holistic and comprehensive range of treatments for patients to improve their quality of life through affordable healthcare, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) wisdom and modern medical advances.


Their pharmacy & clinic outlet at Paya Lebar provides healthcare products, TCM medications as well as treatments including signature NO-PAIN Acupuncture™, Tui Na, Cupping, Gua Sha and many more.


With more than 20 TCM Practitioners Board certified and highly qualified physicians and therapists, their wealth of clinical and practical experience has seen them through many successful cases of treatment for sprains, injury, obesity, womens’ health etc.

Saute Sushi is a first of its kind, plant-based sushi train concept under the Saute Group.

With a vision of bringing a unique and exciting dining experience coupled with a wide variety of plant-based sushi offerings for our customers, Saute Sushi was created.

Head to Saute Sushi for Green Dining, Good Food, Get Together.

PhysioX is a patient-centred, full-fledged physiotherapy clinic conveniently located in Paya Lebar Square. They strive to accurately diagnose and treat the root cause of patients’ concerns in order for them to return to their desired functional status.

They do not believe in stop-gap solutions to treat your pain. All therapy sessions are individually conducted as their trained physiotherapists delves deep to solve the problem you might be facing.

PhysioX’s ‘root-out’ 5 pronged approach includes:

  • Understanding the problem you are facing
  • Providing an accurate diagnosis of the root cause
  • Educating you on the problem
  • Coming up with a treatment plan
  • Working in partnership with you to help you achieve your desired functional status

Monster Planet is iconic for its gigantic 35cm and 41cm plates, filled with delicious curry made using 14 different types of vegetables and spices, served atop rice or noodles. There are five levels of spiciness, ranging from Normal Spicy to Monster Spicy.

Ramburger serves its signature egg wrap style burgers with various patty options, coupled in a set with Curly Frites and Drinks. Serving its unique side offerings such as Mentaiko Frites, it is affordable and value for money. It serves with no pork and no lard.

The origin of Onkei came from the idea of giving blessing and sharing our passion for authentic japanese cuisine to everyone. Onkei serves authentic tonkatsu primarily and we have 5 in-house policies that illustrate our restaurant’s food standard. One of the policies is that the customer has a choice of our hokkaido imported multi-grains rice at no additional cost. All tonkatsu comes in a set which includes rice, tonjiru soup, japanese pickles, shredded cabbages and green tea.